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"Our Mission"

METAMORPHOSIS WARDROBE & ACCESSORIES BOUTIQUE opened its doors in November 2007. It opened to meet the demand for unique, high end, clothing and accessories for women. It is a high-class boutique, offering services such as, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, color analysis, and complete makeovers. At Metamorphosis Wardrobe & Accessories Boutique, our goal is to “transform your life!”

Women are becoming more and more concerned with the “image” they present to the world. The unique feature that set Metamorphosis Wardrobe & Accessories Boutique apart from its competitors is its “Metamorphosizing” concept. We will enhance women’s wardrobes by expanding their choices through accessories and coordinates that mix and match. An Image Consultant will be on staff daily to provide on going consultations to assist clients in obtaining their desired image. A profile will be kept on each client for a more intimate knowledge of his or her personal goals and desires. In order to meet those desires, Metamorphosis Wardrobe & Accessories Boutique will provide an array of services for a head to toe makeover. The boutique will offer fashion coordination and determine the best colors and styles for each client.


Our mission is to transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves, through their outward appearance, so that it might permeate inward, to build their self esteem, so they might reach their highest dreams and potential.


Our vision is to open a “chain” of successful women’s apparel and accessory boutiques throughout the country, adding new stores each year.
Growth Goals and Objectives

Our goal is also to expand the company’s internet service so it will become our largest and most profitable store, serving an international market.


We will carry high-end costume jewelry, handbags, belts, hats, and women’s apparel. There will also be a private label cosmetic counter, for complete makeovers (through local artists) on a monthly basis. Color analysis services, and wardrobe consultation services will also be available.

Features & Benefits

Our products are unique statement pieces. A woman wearing any of our pieces will stand out, and will always get compliments. Most are one of a kind, or difficult to find, and they will always be different, or will have a custom look, as if they were made for the individual wearing them. The company’s wardrobe units will be coordinates that can be mixed and matched to expand your wardrobe. A 3-5-piece wardrobe can be expanded to up to 20 outfits, just by changing the accessories. A wardrobe consultation will be available to all customers. A profile of each customer will be kept on file. Free color analysis services will be offered with purchases.

Metamorphosis Wardrobe & Accessories Boutique
811 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910